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Join us for a martini in the Jet Age.  Paris or Las Vegas - your call

"Joyride Delux" the new Holiday single  coming soon!!

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JonesHouse - Fun with the Band, It's! Bitchen!
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about JonesHouse

So, it goes like this:

Cellist Cameron Stone (Adele, Stevie Wonder, Game of Thrones) and producer, songwriter, drummer Dan Marfisi (Poe, The Turtles, X-Files, Harry Dean Stanton Band) became life-long friends in the 90's through recording and playing live as part of the back up band for Atlantic rock recording artist, Poe.  Years later, Dan hired vocalist Heather Marie Marsden (So This is Love, Pieces of Skye, Million Dollar Quartet) to sing on a session. Eventually, Dan had the brainy idea to bring the three together when he found out that Heather played cello.  

Wham! Bam! Boom!  

Musical chemistry was had!  Utilizing a unique sound of vocals, a guitar, and two cellos. Joneshouse was born.


JonesHouse has played a multitude of music festivals and live shows including residences at Brander Winery, Jones Coffee Roasters (Pasadena), and now Jones Coffee Roasters in South Pasadena. These good friends cheered each other up during the pandemic by creating the upcoming album, Launderette, a mid-century sugar-coated collection of Pop Pop Pop inspired by Petula Clark, 5th Dimension, Burt Bacharach, and Lulu.

All members of JonesHouse have played hundreds of live shows, tours and studio sessions. 

Collectively, that list includes:  Adele, Poe, Stevie Wonder,  Avenged Sevenfold, Barbie, Bratz Dolls, Bob Dylan, X-Files, Brian Wilson, The Carpenters, Cypress Hill, Disney, Game of Thrones, Harry Dean Stanton Band, Holland-Dozier-Holland, It's A Beautiful Day, McDonalds, Million Dollar Quartet, The Neighbourhood, Nike,  NFL / NBA / MLB, Sara Bereilles, Tracy Chapman, The Turtles (Flo & Eddie,) Will I. Am, X-Files.....and more, and more......

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